Playlist for 6/23/11

Artist—Track—Album **denotes new release

1. Matthew Dear—Slowdance (How to Dress Well Seance)—Slowdance**

2. Samiyam—Where Am I—Sam Baker’s Album**
3. Samiyam—Escape—Sam Baker’s Album**
4. Samiyam—Bedtime—Sam Baker’s Album

5.Toro Y Moi—Blessa—Causers of This
6. Shlohmo—Scooter—Beats C.D.**
7. Oddisee— Chocolate City Dreaming—Odd Summer EP

8. Ghost Feet—Top Papez—Whires & Chords**
9. Blackbird Blackbird—Little Respect—Breaking
10. Brenk—Hey Love—Gumbo

11. Purity Ring—Ungirthed (Sun Glitters Remix)**
12. Nobody—You Can Know Her—And Everybody Else…
13. Warren XCLnce—I Wanna Be—N/A

14. Nosaj Thing—Fog (ages cover)—N/A**
15. BeachesBeaches—LAdy—FourFour
16. Gold Panda—MPB—N/A**

17. Dela—West Side Story—Translation Lost
18. Young Montana?—Sacre Cool—Limerence**
19. Star Slinger—Dutchie Courage—Volume 1

20. Ben Jamin with Ackryte - Next Tip—N/A
21. Flying Lotus—Carpet Carpet Carpet—N/A
22. Letherette—Cherryade—Letherette

23. Soosh—Fragment Remains—Soosh**
24. Soosh—Miss You Tonight—Soosh**
25. Diamond Messages—Let’s Make a Vow (Mogadishu Remix)—N/A
26. Oddlogic—June, guitar, sweat—N/A**

27. BNJMN—One Sea (lukid Remix)—N/A
28. Gavintoo—My Baby—Never End Never Hurt
29. Koreless—MTI—4D/MTI
30. Space Kid—Change of Scenery (to Soul) pt.2—N/A

31. Ooah & Mimosa—Buck Up—N/A
32. Coruroi—Crustacean—Anything for Now
33. Mathemagic—Sequin—II

34. Giraffage - A Bird In Hand —Pretty Things
35. Ras G—Beats of Mind—Beats of Mind
36. Radioseven—Don’t Think—radioseven
37. Junk Culture—West Coast—West Coast

38. Hazel—Eyes In—The Lost Tapes
39. Salva—Keys Open Door—Complex Housing
40. eLan—I Can’t Breathe—50 Weapons #007
41. Nikko Gray - Water on the Moon (Space Kid Remix)—N/A
42. Pepepiano—catapult—Pepepiano

43. Jewellers - Tape—Sleep Education
44. FatlyDL—The Pacificist—N/A
45. Teebs & jackhigh—Comes to Mind—The Tropics
46. Juj—Sunday Boucer—Slack

47. Thallus—End of the Sky—Between Head and Hand

Tokki Sounds 6/23/11 by Tokki Sounds on Mixcloud

Final Note: First show of the summer and it was three hours long. WHOA right? Hope you guys enjoyed it. See ya guys next week and make sure to call in to make those requests. XOX


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